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Ofek - Membership Policy 
אופק - נהלי רישום, תשלום וביטול

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  1. Membership fees: Participation in the Tzofim activity involves registering for the activity and paying an annual membership fee, which must be paid in advance at the time of registration, before the start of the activity. 

  2. The purpose of the payment: The payment for the current activities of the Tzofim is calculated as an annual payment and includes fixed expenses that are mostly calculated annually: rent, insurance, materials and equipment, etc. Also, this payment includes “an entrance ticket” to Tzofim events (Hanukkah, Purimon, Summer Happening), a new tie and Darga.

  3. Start and end date of the activity year: The Chapter's weekly activity times are Sundays 15:30- 17:00

    • First trimester - 2/10/22 to 18/12/22

    • Second trimester - 8/1/23 to 26/3/23

    • Third trimester - 4/23/23 to 7/16/23

      • There will be no activity on Jewish holidays and school holidays

  4. Membership fees are calculated based on two components:

    • Fixed membership fees - for fixed and annual expenses and therefore non-refundable.

    • Current membership fees - for current activity and therefore pro rata refund in case of cancellation.

    • Membership fees are as follows:


5. Payment date: The payment for the scouting activity must be arranged at the time of registration for the activity.

6. Payments: Families who choose so, will be able to spread the full payment into 3 instalments which must be paid as follows:


7. Trial run: each new member is entitled to attend up to 2 consecutive weekly activities. After the end of trial period, he will be asked to complete the registration by paying for the activity.

8. Cancellation of registration:

  1. In the event that a participant wishes to cancel registration for any reason, he will be entitled to a refund according to the full unused trimesters not including the fixed membership fee of £20. For example, a participant who cancels at any stage after the beginning of the first trimester and before the beginning of the second trimester will receive a refund of two-thirds of the current membership fee minus £20.

  2. In any case, the Shevet Coordinator must be notified in writing of the cancellation of registration and the date for calculating the refund will be according to the date of this notification.

  3. It is not possible to retroactively cancel and receive a refund even if the participant did not attend to the activity from the beginning of the trimester. Refunds for cancellations will only be given for the following third.

9. Late joining:

  • Joining at any stage before 30/11/22 the payment conditions as defined above will apply.

  • Joining after 30/11/22 until 23/4/23 will be calculated as follows:

  • You can still choose to spread the payment into 2 payments where the first must be paid in the month of joining and the second in the following calendar month.

  • With late joining, similar to joining at the beginning of the year, a new participant can attend 2 consecutive trial activities and complete the payment for the activity afterwards.

  • The cancellation conditions for late joining will be the same as the conditions presented in section 8.

  • Joining after 4/23/23 depends on availability and by individual request to the chapter coordinator.

​10. Bursaries:

The goal of Scout activity is to form a home and a family for every kid who chooses to do so. We certainly do not wish to prevent joining due to financial, temporary or long-term difficulties. We invite you to contact us in case of any problem or difficulty and we will be happy to help. Applying for a scholarship will be done by contacting the Chapter coordinator.

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