You can pay in 3 payments, rate for 1st payment (incl. £55 non refundable fee) and consecutive payments are:

Tzofikef (Y3) members rate is £142/ £87

Regular members (Y4-Y10) members rate is £175/ £120

Shachbag (Y11-Y13) members rate is £155/ £97


Payments are due as follows:

1st payments by 15/9

2md payment by 15/10

3rd payment by 15/11



Halutz & Reut Split Membership

  • To apply a siblings discount, please choose the correct type of membership & group age. Discount applies to the child who is of lower rate. 

    For Example: To register a child in Y6 + a child in Y3, please choose the Y6 as your 1st child and the Y3 as your 2nd.

    For any questions please get in touch.

  • You can view FAQ & our policy online: