Tzofim UK Activity 2020/21 – FAQs (including COVID19)




Is the activity Face-to-Face?

Yes. In line with the government's guidelines for after school activity for youth movements, activity can take place in face-to-face bubbles and in accordance with the TzofimUK & Israeli Scouts Western Europe risk assessment guidelines.

Are there limited spaces for registration?

Yes.  Due to guidance put in place by the UK government to slow the spread of COVID-19 there is a maximum number of participants we can take. Each group bubble can only have up to 15 members under 18 years of age.

Where will the activity take place?

Our activity will take place on the Akivah School premises where we will have access to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

We aim to run the activity outdoors as much as possible and in line with the guidelines' suggestions.

How many groups will be at Tzofim?

There will be at least ONE group (bubble) per school year between Year 2 and Year 10.

Can I join the Tzofim for a trial session?

Yes. One trial session will be allowed but unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and to protect other members and our staff, we would need for you to commit after that.​

Who will be providing safeguarding for COVID-19 compliance?

Our hadracha year groups (Year 11-13) as well as the chapter's coordinators, are now trained in our guidelines and ​standards. They are the first ones to safeguard all issues for the members as well as COVID-19 aspects.

Furthermore other adults (18+) from the Parents' Forum will be present during the activity to provide additional support.


Is food provided or served?

To provide a COVID-19 secure environment, we will not allow any use of food and drinks to share during the activity.

If you feel that your child may need to eat or drink during the activity, they are welcomed to bring a labelled snack and a bottle of water. 

Please make sure that all food you provide is nut-free and kosher style. 

What is the fee for joining Tzofim and what does it include?

Costs and ways to pay can be found under the "PAY" tab on this website.

Payment can be made via Paypal or by using a card at checkout.

Tzofim's cost is calculated at the beginning of the year, for the entirety of the year and are due once the member is registered for the activity. It includes all regular activities planned on our calendar. 

Our cancellation policy:

In case that a participant cancels their registration at any point during the year refund will be issued but we reserve the right to deduct administration fees from the refunded amount.

What if the the government regulation change and we are forced stop face-to-face activity?

Our plan for 2020/21 has taken in account the possibility that our activity will need to adapt to changed in the circumstances. 

In such case, activity will be transferred to online platforms. We have now accumulated vast experience as well have trained our teams to be able to still provide a unique and meaningful experience should we need to.


Keeping Tzofim COVID-19 Secure


Are you allowed to open this programme under current government guidance?

Yes.  On 1st July 2020 the government published guidance for out-of-school settings.  We have been using this guidance when building and preparing our new activity year. This remains the case now and we continue to monitor the situation at all times.

What are the parents responsibilities before sending members to our activity?

We rely on all participants and their families to show a real sense of community and to ensure that anyone with a possible sign of COVID-19 does not come to the activity.

What we expect from parents:

  • To NOT come if one of your household members is displaying any symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) (following the COVID-19: guidance for households with possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection).

  • To NOT come to the Tzofim if one of your household members is isolated due to possible coronavirus.

  • To measure your child temperature before they come and AVOID bringing him/her if displaying temperature above 37.8.

  • To AVOID using public transport to get to Tzofim when possible. Ideally, you should walk or cycle or use a private vehicle. You are advised to read Coronavirus (COVID-19): safer travel guidance for passengers. online

  • To REDUCE contact between parents and carers when dropping off and picking up your children and keep within the social distance and rule of six guidelines. Parents and carers won’t be allowed on site at any time and the children should be collected from outside the premises. 

What steps are TzofimUK taking to ensure everyone’s safety?

The health, safety and welfare of our participants and staff is our number one priority. 

Therefore, there are numerous steps that we are taking to make sure that our activity will be COVID-secure as much as possible.  

  • Creating social bubbles of no more than 15 participants with allocated staff for each group. 

  • Social distancing within the bubble will be kept to 1-2m.

  • Each group will have a separate entry time to the site and to their allocated activity space. 

  • Social distancing of 1 meter plus will be maintained throughout the site.

  • PPE will be present for the staff and participants if/when it is needed.

  • There will be hand sanitisers and anti-bacterial wipes present.

  • Schedules and programming will be built to minimise interactions with other groups.

  • We will promote good hand hygiene and encourages members to wash hand regularly and keep social distancing.

Will the participants be in social bubble?

Yes.  Each member will be placed into a social bubble of no more than 15 participants. 

They will be in this group for the entirety of the activity and until they leave the site.

What happens if someone within the TzofimUK community has COVID-19 symptoms?

It is important that any participant that shows any symptoms of COVID-19 should not come to the activity and should self-isolate for seven days as the government guidelines outline. 

Should these signs not be noticed and the participant attended the activity we expect to be notifies ASAP so that we can alert other members that may have been in contact with this participant.

We will always act according to the governmental and medical advice provided.

What happens if someone within the TzofimUK community tests positive for COVID-19?

We sincerely hope this will not happen and are putting in several precautions to minimise the risk of this. 

However, should there be a positive test from one of our participants everyone from that bubble will need to enter self-isolation for seven days and be tested. 

It is possible other bubbles will be effected but that will be a decision taken by or with the health authorities. 

According to current guidelines, a positive test will not automatically shutter the entire programme, but it is a possibility based on several factors.

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