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Sabres - ISWE's Summer Programme 2021 – FAQs


What is Sabres?

Sabres, the Tzofim Tzabar Olami and ISWE Summer programme in Israel is a five-day overnight summer programme designed for Hebrew speaking, Europe based children that are visiting in Israel during that time. It includes 2 days (1 night) seminar and 3 days (3 nights) trip in the northern area of Israel.   

What are the dates of the programme?

The programme will run between August 8th and 12th.

The dates of the programme allow participants who visit Israel during the summer to participate in the programme after finishing the required quarantine period according to the Israeli ministry of health guidelines.

Who can attend the programme?

Sabres is designed for Tzofim members and Hebrew speaking children who live in Western Europe, finishing years 7-13 (ages 12-18) at the end of the 2020/21 academic year. 

Where is the programme?

The programme will take place in the north of Israel in a boarding school facility for the first 2 days and a designated camping site for the 3 trip days.

What is the price of the programme and what does it include?

The full price of the programme is £400. This price includes full board and accommodation, all the programming, attractions, all staffing costs, and all measures to ensure the programme is COVID-19 secure. The price does not include travel insurance.

An additional discount will be given for a second child (sibling) - 10% and a third child - 15%


Who are your staff?

The programme is planned and run by Tzofim Tzabar Olami in Israel in cooperation with ISWE.  

Our staff includes Tzofim Tzabar Olami workers and Shinshinim from Israel and the UK. All staff are DBS checked when applicable. 

Hikes and nature walks will be guided by a professional tour guide and escorted and guarded as required by the Israeli Ministry of Education.   

Can I join the programme for just a selection of days?

The unique programme group experience is designed for 5 full days and cannot be partially handled. In exceptional cases, please contact ISWE. 


Application Process

How do I sign up?

To sign up you need to complete a short application and A code of Conduct form which can be found here. This must be accompanied by a deposit which can be paid online via Paypal. A more thorough application and medical form will be sent later in the process.

How and when do I pay?

Payment will be made via Paypal/card. 

A deposit of £50 is required upon initial application to secure your child’s place in the programme.

The full balance of the Programme must be paid no later than July 8th

Contact Adi (info-europe@israelscouts.org) at the office to explore additional payment methods or for financial help.

What is the refund policy?

The deposit is non-refundable unless In case of ISWE cancellation of the programme.

In case of participant cancellation before July 8th, a full refund will be made not including the deposit fee. 

In case of participant cancellation after July 8th and before July 20th, a cancellation fee of £200 will be deducted from the refund. 

From July 20th, no refund will be given in case of participant cancellation for any reason. 

In case of ISWE cancellation before the start of the programme, a full refund will be made. 

In case of ISWE cancellation, if there’s a need to stop the programme, it is expected  some costs will be avoidable or recoverable. Depending on the timing of any cancellation there may be some unrecoverable costs., e.g. deposits and other fees already paid to the premises and other third-party providers. For clarity, if ISWE were to cancel the Programme all monies that were not spent and are recoverable will be refunded to the participants.

ISWE requires the Participant to have a suitable travel insurance policy in place. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to take out this personal travel insurance and to check whether cancellations or curtailments for reasons relating to Covid-19 will be covered.

About the programme

Are there limited spaces?

Yes, it depends mainly on the number of staff and pre-booking we need to do. Although we will do our best to include everyone who is interested in the programme (giving priority to Tzofim members). 

Will there be an information evening?

Absolutely. ISWE will be setting dates for an online information evening closer to the time and will share this date and a link for the meeting with parents/guardians in due course.

What will the participants do on the programme?

A detailed schedule will be sent to applicants and their families nearer the time of the programme. The programme is planned to include 2 days (1 night) of  educational and team building workshop and Scouts activities, and 3 days (3 nights) of trip in the northern area of Israel (with water attractions, hikes, culture experiences ect.). 

We will have joint activities with Israelis that are Tzofim members in Israel of similar ages to the participants as part of the programme ..

Will transport be provided?

The programme starts and ends in Israel. There will be designated pick up and drop off points in Tel Aviv at the start and the end of the programme. There might be an option for additional points norther to Tel Aviv but this will have to be decided closer to the start of the programme.

What food will be provided?

ISWE will provide kosher and kosher-style meals, and will provide three substantial meals a day.  

Can ISWE cater for special dietary requirements?

ISWE will cater for all dietary allergies/requirements if we are made aware of these in advance. 

Can participants use their phones?

We will encourage participants not to use their phones during programme time and at mealtimes to encourage the group to socialise with one another and build lasting friendships. During free time and in private rooms / outdoor spaces participants can absolutely use their phones.

Medical and Security information

All medical and security measures of the programme are planned and conducted according to the official guidelines in Israel and will be reviewed closer to the start of the programme.

ISWE will collect all medication at the start of the programme to ensure this will not get lost or misused.  The first aider will make this medication available to participants as and when required. For those participants that have a headache or something similar, the first aider will have medication to provide participants.  

COVID-19 related information

The programme will run according to the updated guidelines in Israel. 

Participants will be asked to do a PCR test 72 hours before the start of the programme and provide a proof of vaccination where applicable.