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הרשמה למפעלים

שבט חלוץ ושלוחת רעות - Shevet Halutz & Re'ut Branch


Theatre Festival Special Activity Day

When: 26/2/2023   15:30-18:00

General schedule 

(activity times 15:30-18:00):
15:30-16:30 Years 7-10:
“Made in Israel”

(while other groups are in peula)
17:00-18:00 Year 3-6:
“Itamar - The 1st Hebrew boy”

(while other groups are in peula)

Who: Shevet Halutz + Re'ut Branch all groups (Y3-Y10)

Where: JW3 centre NW3

Cost: No cost for partecipants

Transportation: Independent 

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