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Shachbag שכבה בוגרת (שכב״ג) Y11-13 

The Tzofim's leaders group or how we call them Shachbag (shichva bogeret) are the heart of every Tzofim chapter in the world. They plan and lead the activity, are responsible for their chanichim welfare and bring to life many special activities and events for the wider community.

They hold different roles, some are madrichim מדריכים and some are peilim פעילים.

We operate a system of mentoring in the spirit of Noar madrich Noar.

In addition to leading the activity for the younger the shachbag have their own activities designed to progress their educational growth. They take part in seminars, hikes and sessions designed only for them where they get a chance to be an active part of the movement's strength.

Tie - Hadraca: Green with White rim, Peilim: Green with Red rim

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