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Bar/Bat Mitzva Programme

"Bar/Bat Mitzvah" programme is led by the Israeli scouts in London.

The programme is aimed at young teens who are in their Mitzvah year (school years 7-8).
Through the programme, teens will engage in meaningful discussions on the transition from childhood to adulthood. They will be encouraged to develop a responsible and independent identity and will find their own views on family life, social values, Judaism, Zionism and connection to Israel. The project will include 8 two-hour sessions. Each session will cover a different aspect of the process.

The programme is for Hebrew speakers only, and is open for participants who are not members of the Israeli Scouts.

The programme is led and managed by members of the Tzofim Komuna in London and will take place in North London (N3). 


Specific Mondays (dates are advertised each year)  18:00-20:00 .

Sessions include subjects such as:

- Responsibility

- Identity

- Home & Family

- My community

- Leadership

- Volunteering & Social activism

בני בנות - אנגלית - דף מידע סופי.png
בני בנות צפון לונדון- דף מידע.png
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