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What is Yom Tzofeh ? מהו יום צופה

"Scouting is the most enjoyable part of a scouts' life: living in nature, staying in the open spaces, among hills and trees and birds and other animals, near the sea and rivers - it is a great pleasure. When your little shelter is made, your fire is lit and you're one with nature, this will bring you joy and health and happiness that you will never have when around stone houses and in the city. Even just a trip that removes you from your regular home, bringing you to explore new spaces and  great experiences. The journey in nature strengthens and hardens us as we face the sun, the winds and rains, cold or heat - eventually, we won't notice them and actually will enjoy them. Such strength with then translate to other parts of life with a laughter, knowledge and resilience to face the world.

It is obvious that for us to really enjoy scouting and nature we need to know how to do things properly. We need to know how to pitch a tent. How do you set up a shelter for ourselves. We need to know how to make a fire and light it, and how to cook foods ... there are only a few people who learn these things. They are true Scouts!" ( 1st Baron Robert Baden-Powell, Scouting for Boys, founder of the Scouts)

Scouting and Yom Tzofeh (scout)

Yom Tzofeh is the day when a Rank Year (Scout's year) ends and a new one begins, and where the chanichim receive their new rank symbol. This is an engaging day that is all about practical Scouting (צופיות) activities as well as team building activities in general.

Yom Tzofeh is the day when the chanichim pass their ranking test (מעבר דרגה), measuring skills they learned during the year.

At the end of this day, there is a final ceremony to celebrate all the new ranks (דרגות)


Zayin (ז׳) 1st Rank

(דרגה א׳)

The rank badge is a combination of the 2nd & 3rd badges - combining courage and skill.

Ranking test - 

Chameleon Walk


Vav (ו׳) 2nd Rank

(דרגה ב׳)

The rank badge has the Magen David symbol - Our connection to Judaism and Israel.

Ranking test - 

Window Jump


Tet/Kurs (ט׳/קורס)

Federation Pin (סיכת פדרציה)

Chanichim in year 9 & 10 are our oldest members and they train over 2 years to become madrichim. 

The don't have a ranking test, they actively train other younger members in scouting.


Heh (ה׳) 3th Rank (דרגה ג׳)

The rank badge has the Lilly & Fig symbols - the universal scouting symbol for its strong holding roots

Ranking test - 

Fire Jump


Daled (ד׳) Nitzan (ניצן)

Our youngest members, young buds, only starting their scouting journey. Also known as Ofarim (עופרים), hence the symbol of the young dear.

Ranking test -

The Ofarim "call" 


Chet (ח׳) Tzofeh Rank

(דרגת הצופה)

The rank badge has has the full Tzofim Symbol, as these members are completing their scouting journey.

Ranking test - 

Marching drill

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