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Halutz/Re'ut - Membership Policy 
חלוץ/רעות - נהלי רישום, תשלום וביטול

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Being a non-profit organisation we work hard to make sure that the membership fees and extra costs are calculated in an equal, fair and reasonable manor to facilitate the Tzofim's activities. We want to ensure that all the parents pay with confidence that their money is in good hands and that in the case of refund, this is done accordingly.

Membership fees are due at the same time as registration and prior joining the activity.

The Tzofim's yearly fee is calculated to cover all of our regular expenses such as: rent, security, insurance, human resources and materials. The yearly fee includes a free ticket to our special events (Hannukah, Purimon, Summer Party), a new uniform tie and patch. It does not include the cost of trips and camps.

Activity Timings:

All of the chapter's planned activities, weekly and events, can be found online:

Shevet Halutz 

Re'ut Beanch

Shevet Ofek

Shevet Geshem

The is no activity during Jewish holidays and school breaks.

Membership Fees:

  1. Membership fees are calculated yearly and have 2 components:​​

  • Membership fees - these cover fixed  & yearly costs (such as insurance) and are non refundable.​

  • Activity fees - these cover the weekly activity costs and pro rata refund can be calculated in an event of cancellation.

​    2. Membership fees also vary according to the member's group age.

    3. When registering 1 member to Tzofim the fees are as follows:

1st reg.png

4. Siblings Discount - registering more than one child entitles you to a discount on the activity fees. The discounts we offer are 5% for the 2nd child and 10% for a third.

    The discount will be calculated on the lower rate member.

    Membership fees including sibling's discounts:

sibling reg.png

Early Bird Registration:

For the benefit of our returning members, those completing registration and payment before 31/8/2022 will be able to do so at last year's fees.

As follows:

  • Members of Tzofim (Y4-Y10) - £395

  • Members of Shachbag (Y11-Y13) - £325

  • Members of Tzofikef (Y3) - £295

Paying in Instalments:

To aid with the payment You can choose to pay in 3 payments (2 if joining after 15/12/2022). The 1st payment will include the non-refundable membership fee.

Payments are made through the PAY section on this website and are due within the first 3 consecutive months after registration (2 if joining after 15/12/2022)

In any case - all payments must be made by 15/11/2022

Schedule is as follows:

repay reg

Trial Session:

Every member is entitled to join up to 2 consecutive trial sessions. Once completed, if he/she does not wish to continue, they will have the right for a full 100% refund (including the non-refundable £55 membership fee). Note - full payment is due prior to attending any trial session and while completing registration.

Cancellation Policy:

  1. In case that a member wishes to leave Tzofim for any reason he/she will be entitled to a refund of any full unused terms. Refunds are calculated against the activity fee component. For example, if a member leave after the beginning of the 2nd term and before it ends, the refund will be of 1/3 of the activity fees.

  2. The membership fee component will not be refunded unless it is right after the trial period.

  3. You must notify the Head of the Chapter, Manuela Rathaus-Alper in writing. The time of notification will be used to calculate any refund due.

  4. Retroactive notification does not apply even if the member did not come since the beginning of the term.

Late Joining:

  1. Joining at any point before the 15/12/2022 will be under the terms and rates as above.

  2. Joining after the 15/12/2022 and before 20/4/2023 will be calculated as follows:


3. When joining late, the member is entitled to a 2 consecutive trial sessions after which, if he/she chooses not to continue, a full 100% refund will be issued.

4. Late registration cancellation after the trial period will be same as noted in Cancellation Policy above.

5. Late registration after the 20/4/2023 will be based on group size and at the discretion of the Head of the Chapter.

6. Paying in Instalments: When joining late you can also pay in 2 instalments, the 1st due when registering and before attending and the 2nd in the next calendar month.

repay late

Chapter's Special Activity:

  1. During the year we organise 2 large chapter activities - Beginning of year Trip (tiyul) & Summer Machane.

  2. The fee for these special activities is charged separately and is expected to be (final cost will be published closer to the time):

  • Beginning of year Trip registration will close on 14/11/2022 - approx. £50.00​

  • Summer Machane registration will close on 26/6/2023 - approx £100

   3. There will be sibling discounts on the special activities as well.

   4. Cancellation Policy for Special Activity - There will be a final date published for each event when cancellation is permitted and refund will be possible. After that day, cancellation         with refund will only be permitted for those who can't join due to illness (in any case a 15% admin cancellation fee will apply). 


​It is Tzofim's intention and goal to create a community like an extended family and a home to any member who wishes to take part. Mostly we do not wish for anyone to avoid joining due to a financial struggle may it be temporary or permanent. We invite you to get in touch to raise any issue and we will be more than happy to assist. Please contact the Head of the Chapter to discuss.

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