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Chet Mavtichim ח׳ מבטיחים (year 8):

This year is very important in Tzofim as the members pass their Havtacha הבטחה, promise/commitment journey. The focus is reinforcing the group's connection and commitment to the Tzofim and its core values. Responsibility for myself, my friend, my group, my family and my immediate and wider community.

This year group is condidered quite advanced in the Tzofim's movement and the chanichim have a special Havtacha ceremony upon completing it.

"Main Time" examples:

- Who is a true friend?

- The line between freedom of speech and incitementץ

- The differences between men & women

- What shapes history, leaders or circumstances?

Tie - Orange with Green Rim

Rank - Tzofim Movement

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