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Hadracha Program


The Tzofim's education program around the world is a professionally developed program called Ha'Masa Ba'Tzofim (המסע בצופים) which outlines the goals for each year group in accordance to age, experience of Tzofim and of course the general spirit of Tzofim's values & goals as a Youth movement and informal education platform.

In practice, the Masa is a collection of activities adapted for each age group that the personal group's madrich uses to build his/her own activity based on his/her own group's program and their personal needs.

The activity is divided into parts that are not necessarily related, for example: "Game time" typically at the begging and end, "Main Subject Time" where the main subject for the day is delivered, "Scouting Time", "Point of View" a short discussion about anything that is in the news etc. 

The Masa Program from Israel was adapted to be suitable for Tzofim members abroad taking in account that children growing up abroad are different in some aspects than the ones in Israel and have their own interests, goals and challenges.

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