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Solelim סוללים - Hadracha Course קורס הדרכה (year 9-10):

This year marks the beginning of a 2-year program where the groups are prepared to become madrichim and to enter the Shachbag, Tzofim's leading year groups. The first part focuses on developing leading skills as well as independence and becoming role models to the younger members. Reaffirmation of personal ad Tzofim's core values while confronting personal dilemmas and conflicts as well as developing abilities for individual thinking and group critical processes.

In year 10 this process continues as well as intensively learning how to build valuable activities as well as methods and skill for delivering them successfully. Upon completion of the year 10 Hadracha course, the group enters the Shachbag and those suitable will become Madrichim the following year.

"Main Time" examples:

- Our rights and duties to educate and is a madrich an educator?

- Is Tzofim a democratic movement?

- How to run a balanced politically charged debate?

- What is the place of the Tzofim within the community?

Tie - Green

Rank - Tzofim Pin

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