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Daled Ofarim ד׳ עופרים (year 4):

This year marks their official entry into the Tzofim. The focus of this year is to establish the group, its bonding, getting to know the Tzofim, growing up and assuming more personal and group responsibilities and of course Jewish and Israeli festivals as well as current issues in the news.

"Main Time" examples:  

- What does it mean to be "a Friend"?

- Being ad feeling part of something bigger. Our chapter, Tzofim, our community etc.

- What don't I like in the group and ways to resolve problems and disputes?

- What to expect from my first Tzofim outdoor activity?

- What is my place in the group?

- Getting to know each other, myself, my family. What do I like about my family? 

Tie - Yellow

Rank - Nitzan

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