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Tzofim Parents' Forum 

The Tzofim Parents' Forum was formed to advise, help and support the chapter's head. The forum is a partner in executing the chapter's educational ethos and tasks.

The Forum represents the full parents' body.

The Forum's goal is to promote the community's involvement, to connect and make accessible the chapter's activity to all whilst supporting the day by day needs.

The Forum entrusted with forming supporting connections and raising resources (financial and human) for the activity.

Tzofim Parents' Forum 2022/23:

Manuela Rathaus-Alper, Head of the Chapter & Re'ut Branch

Ya'ara Letz, Chapter Treasurer

Livnat Lopian

Aya Levy

Orly Gelb

Rinat Yovel

Boaz Arbel

Yair Samban

Shira Pinczuk

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