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Why we wear Khaki?

The Khaki is the official uniform of the the Tzofim world wide movement. 

The origin of the style and colour come from the founding father of the Scouts Robert Baden Powell and the British Army uniform in India at the beginning of the 20th century.

Our uniform include trousers and shirt, equal to all members, with different colour ties to indicate age or role in the movement. On the khaki we add different patches/ tags to mark educational milestones.

The khaki symbolises: 

  • Unity - we are all one where ever we are in the world.

  • Uniqueness - we stand out from others in a crowd.​

  • Equality - we are all the same, no matter our gender, colour, religion, age.

  • Outdoor - the khaki allows us to spend time in nature.


The Israeli Scouts Tag

The Israeli Flag

World Scouts Federation Tag


Milestone Tags

Federation Pin


Tzofim Tie


Celebratory Khaki:

We replace the Khaki shirt with a white shirt. Used for ceremonies and on special occasions.

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