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TzofimUK Activity

Tzofim Activity for chanichim members in Year 4-13. Activity led & mentored by the Shachbag members (year 11-13) and members of the London Komuna.

The activity is of an informal nature, a youth movement dealing with subjects such as democracy, love of nature, links to Israel and the Hebrew language, Judaism, friendship, charity, Scouting and more.

Tzofikef - Pre-Tzofim Activity, Hebrew practice and links to Israel for chanichim members in School Year 3. 

לוגו חלוץ 2022_edited.png

Shevet Halutz
London N3

North London N3

Sunday 16:00-18:00

(15:30-17:30 in winter)

Tzofikef Year 3

Tzofim Year 4-13

לוגו גשם 2022.png

Shevet Geshem 


Sunday 16:00-17:30

School Years 3-12

לוגו אופק 2022.png

Shevet Ofek
Borehamwood WD6

Borehamwhood WD6

Sunday 16:00-17:30

School Years 4-9

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