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COVID19 FAQ - התמודדות עם הקורונה


Is the activity Face-to-Face?

Yes. In line with the government's guidelines for after school activity for youth movements, at present, activity can take place in face-to-face and in accordance with the TzofimUK & Israeli Scouts Western Europe risk assessment guidelines. During periods of Lockdown Tzofim's activity may need to move to be online.

Are spaces for registration limited ?

Not according to COVID-19 guidelines but we reserve the right to restrict group size to ensure other safety and safeguarding guidelines and standards are met.  ​

Who will be providing safeguarding for COVID-19 compliance?

Those guidelines that we have put in place to help reduce the risk of infection will be implemented by our leaders year groups (Year 11-13) as well as the chapter's coordinators who are trained to do so. They are the first ones to safeguard all issues for the members as well as COVID-19 aspects.

Furthermore other adults (18+) of the Parents' Forum will be present during the activity to provide additional support.

Is food provided or served?

We no longer prohibit the consumption and sharing of food during our activities as long as this is coordinated by the leaders and hygiene measures are kept.

We still ask that your child bring their own labelled reusable bottle of water. 

Please make sure that all food you provide is nut-free and kosher style

What if the the government regulation change and we are forced stop face-to-face activity?

Our plan for 2021/22 has taken in account the possibility that our activity will need to adapt to changed in the circumstances. Our entire approach for educational & logistic planning has adopted a hybrid concept. In the event of social distancing regulations changing preventing us from meeting face-to face case, activity will be moved temporarily to online platforms.

We have now accumulated vast experience as well as trained our teams to be able to still provide a unique and meaningful experience should we need to.


Keeping Tzofim COVID-19 Secure

Are you allowed to open this programme under current government guidance?

Yes.  According to the current published government guidance for out-of-school settings and the National Youth Association (NYA) guidelines.

We have been using this guidance when building and preparing our new activity year. This remains the case now and we continue to monitor the situation at all times.

What are the parents responsibilities before sending members to our activity?

We rely on all participants and their families to show a real sense of community and to ensure that anyone with a possible sign of COVID-19 does not come to the activity.

What we expect from parents:

  • We no longer stop members from attending our activity if someone in their household is positive as long as they are negative. We ask that a LFT is performed on the day of the activity. 

  • To measure your child temperature before they come and AVOID bringing him/her if displaying temperature above 37.8.

  • To get tested as often as possible and before coming to Tzofim's activity using Lateral Flow tests. Members who are 16+ must be tested before coming.

  • To fill in our Health Declaration online on the day of the activity and before they arrive on site.

What steps are TzofimUK taking to ensure everyone’s safety?

The health, safety and welfare of our participants and staff is our number one priority. Although social distancing rules in the UK have been relaxed, we choose to keep some measurements to keep safe and active.

Therefore, there are numerous steps that we are taking to make sure that our activity will be COVID-secure as much as possible.  

  • We no longer operate in social distancing bubbles but will minimise contact between groups.

  • We no longer enforce 1-2m social distancing within the group activity.

  • We require all members, staff and volunteers in year 7 and up to wear face masks when indoors. Younger members can wear face masks too if they choose to.

  • There will be hand sanitisers and anti-bacterial wipes present. All participants entering the activity will be asked to clean their hands.

  • We encourage all our 12+ members to be vaccinated and all those attending to take a rapid lateral flow test before attending the activity.

Will the participants be in social bubble?

No.  We are no longer required to do so.

What happens if someone within the TzofimUK community has COVID-19 symptoms?

It is important that any participant that shows any symptoms of COVID-19 should not come to the activity and should follow the government guidelines outline for self isolation. 

Should these signs not be noticed and the participant attended the activity we expect to be notifies ASAP so that we can (within the first 48hrs after the activity) so that we can alert other members that may have been in contact with this participant. Following such notification, we expect notified members to follow the government guidelines outline for testing.

We will always act according to the governmental and medical advice provided.

What happens if someone within the TzofimUK community tests positive for COVID-19?

We sincerely hope this will not happen and are putting in several precautions to minimise the risk of this. 

However, should there be a positive test from one of our participants other members that have come in contact with him/her will have to follow the government guidelines outline.

According to current guidelines, a positive test will not automatically shutter the entire programme.

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